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      oil additives

n-isopropylacrylamide [2210-25-5]


1: identification

name: n-isopropylacrylamide

molecular structure:


molecular formula:  c6h11no  

molecular weight: 113.16

cas no.: 2210-25-5

einecs: 218-638-5


melting point: 60-63 ºc

boiling point: 89-92 ºc (2 mmhg)


3: quality standard

appearance: white crystalline

content: 98.00%min

melting point: 60-62 ℃

water: 0.50%max

packing: 25kg cardboard drum packing or according to request.

storage condition: stored under normal temperature, sealed and keep away from open fire and heat source.

usage: for organic synthesis, macromolecular prepared. because heat-sensitive materials, can be used for the production of temperature-sensitive functional film capable of controlling the temperature of the gel permeation chromatography, liquid chromatography packing, simulated synthetic bioactive protein collagen fibers, skin-to-use cold water to remove the adhesive tape, the cells training support materials, wound paste, temperature-sensitive thickeners, anti-agent, ink resistance, electrophoresis mother, cosmetics, as a coating, packaging and biomedical materials, etc..

transport information:

dot (us):  not dangerous goods  

imdg:  not dangerous goods  

iata : not dangerous goods