Alcohol type
      Oil additives



CAS#: 37764-25-3

Structural formula:C8H11Cl2NO

Property:Technical grade of this products is amber to brown liquid;melting point:5.0-6.5;density:1.192-1.204. Solubility:in water: about 5g/1;in kerosene oil:15g/1;can be dissolved together with acetone, ethanol, dimethylbenzene etc;not stable when the temperature is above 100oC;it will be discomposed quickly if the iron exists. Under the condition of PH7,25oC,with the sunlight of 12 hours,3-1%is lost after 32 days, it has corrosion to carbon steel.

Use:Special preservative agent for corn,It can be used in the seed dressing,in herbicide for soil treatment. Use level per mu is 1.4-1.7g. This product can also protect rice and wheat.

Content:97.0PCT MIN

Packing:230kg /plastic drum